Chris Sweeney
Professional Geneaology Services
Chris undertook to trace my family ancestry back through my father’s line. Remarkably he got back to 1791 with reliable evidence, and a small village in Lincolnshire called Grasby. The story was absolutely fascinating. Chris’s thoroughness and attention to detail were outstanding. His checking and double checking of sources was detailed in the finished story he gave to me. He gave me progress reports from time to time during his work, and we met and talked on occasions about various things he uncovered. He also included some family detail that I was able to provide because it was within my lifetime.

As a result of the ‘finished’ product, I understood better why I loved rural life so much – my roots were with agricultural labourers on the land in Lincolnshire before my grandfather moved to Lancashire to become a draper.

I understood better why I enjoy Italy so much - his detailed research found 4 ancestors named Lorenzo in the 1800s!
The upshot of it was that as a result of the detailed and high quality work that Chris had done, my wife and I visited Grasby in Lincolnshire – to find that many of the graves in the churchyard were either direct relatives or families who had married into my family. It was an amazing experience to stand in that church yard among my ancestors from generations ago.

I cannot thank him enough. My daughters now want to visit those same ancestors as a result of reading Chris’s work.

John K

I should like to thank you most sincerely for carrying out the research in to my Family. Far more than an Ancestral Tree you have produced a social history of my named antecedents for the last 250 years. It is fascinating to discover my roots and will be a source of enjoyment and pride for my children and grandchildren.

You carried out the work with professionalism , accuracy and always met your own deadlines. It is a product that is worth very much more than its cost.

I have enjoyed our association and working with you immensely. I may well return in the future to discover more on other branches…

Roger B

I am totally blown away with this Chris. It completely exceeds my expectation. Thank you very much. So, so pleased with the final version.

Ian R

I have just sat with two cups of coffee and read the entire 159 pages of the family history and am absolutely blown away! It is magnificent and exactly what I want - you have done a marvellous job, completely thorough and wholly sympathetic and it’s all been brought together in such a wonderful way, with the addition of the family photographs bringing it all to life.

Elaine B

My wife and I asked Chris to research family background specifically surrounding her 91 year old father. Chris spent time discussing what he could do and how that might suit our requirements. The finished article was very professionally produced and certainly exceeded our expectations. It was also delivered to quite a tight timescale. However, the main benefit we found in using Chris' services was the interest that he took in my wife's father, listening to so many anecdotes that he was subsequently able to use to bring life to the information. Clearly Chris does not believe that commissions are simply information gathering exercises and I would certainly recommend him to any one considering a similar study.

David G