Chris Sweeney
Professional Geneaology Services
When I was at school, I failed my ‘O-level’ History exam; I thought that history was not interesting. Indeed, the foreign policies of both Castlereagh and Canning left me rather unmoved! Since then, I have come to realise that history is not just, or indeed even primarily, about the rich, the influential and the famous. History is what happened to real, ordinary people, your ancestors and mine. Whether they were soldiers or sailors, cotton-weavers or agricultural labourers, their lives and what they did can be fascinating and can shed light on our past and what shaped our own family’s history.

I became fascinated by my own family history some 20 years ago and have been researching it ever since. (For an example of the sort of work that I do and a glimpse into my own family, have a look at this).

In my previous working life, I worked, initially, as a Social Worker and have, for the past 25 years, worked in both the NHS and two national charities. Each of those roles required that I pay immense attention to detail and I hope that that experience shows in the genealogy work that I undertake.

Family Histories can be a source of immense interest as well as huge satisfaction and, of course, a stimulus to find distant ‘cousins’ or travel to parts of the country from where our ancestors came. I hope that I might be able to offer you help in tracing your Family History.